Join us at the next CRA Advisory Board meeting on June 15th at the Immokalee Airport Authority at 8:30 AM.

Notice is hereby given that the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency Advisory Boards will hold a Joint Public Meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 15th at Immokalee Airport Authority at 8:30 AM – Salazar Machine & Steel Conference Room located at 190 Airpark Blvd #105, Immokalee, FL 34142.  

Join us at the next Joint CRA/MSTU Advisory Board meeting on May 18th at the Immokalee Library at 8:30 AM

Notice is hereby given that the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency & the Immokalee Lighting and Beautification Municipal Service Taxing Unit Advisory Boards will hold a Joint Public Meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 18th, at the Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee – Event Center, South 1st Street, Immokalee, Florida 34142.    

Florida’s Enterprise Zone program to end; some incentives remain

Florida's Enterprise Zone program, one of the most cost effective incentive programs in Sunshine State history, will vanish at the end of 2015.  The Florida Legislature failed to renew the program, which was by law set to sunset at the end of year, but replaced it – in a way – with some other more […]

Immokalee community clean up set for January 18

We're going to clean up in 2014!  No, we mean really clean up. The community of Immokalee, together with the Collier County Code Enforcement Department and the Immokalee CRA, will hold the first community clean up of the new year on January 18.  Participation is free and welcomed. Residents are encouraged to bring old tires, […]

IBDC expanding reach, gaining momentum.

"I see there is momentum now. People are becoming more aware of the programs. In the long-run, our goal is to try to make it a rural regional organization. "  That's how Marie Capita, director of the Immokalee Business Development Center (IBDC), describes the center's progress to the Naples Daily News in a piece published July […]

IBDC now in new headquarters on Hodges University campus

The Immokalee Business Development Center (IBDC) has relocated to its new headquarters on the Immokalee campus of Hodges University, 1170 Harvest Drive.  The center, sometimes also known as IMMBIZ, is in the process of becoming its own non-profit organization, graduating from the nurturing nest of the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency.  The IBDC has guided the creation […]

Confirmed: Immokalee CRA offices will move to “One Stop Shop.”

Just as it was reported here in May, the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) will relocate its headquarters in July.  The CRA, now with a reduced staff of three, will take up residence in the Southwest Florida Workforce Development Center, 750 5th Street South, a building known to most Immokaleans as the "One Stop Shop" because […]

Immokalee Business Development Center branching out on its own.

The Immokalee Business Development Center, launched in 2011 by the Immokalee CRA, will become its own, free-standing organization by the end of 2013.  The business development center, known as the IBDC or, sometimes, IMMBIZ, has guided the creation or expansion of over a dozen Immokalee businesses in the past two years. Collier County Commissioners, sitting as […]