Immokalee Middle School dances in the holidays!

 Immokalee Middle School celebrates holiday with dance! Read more in the Naples Daily News

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After upgrading the blog it’s a little quirky with the Admin page. Need to take a look at it a little later for now I just want the WYSIWYG editor to work.   After upgrading the blog it’s a little quirky with the Admin page. Need to take a look at it a little later […]

Immokalee: Seminoles, lawmakers hope to resolve gaming pact issues.

 According to the Naples Daily News, there is renewed hope the state will settle with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to resolve gaming issues that affect the Seminole Casino in Immokalee. Read more here. 

Immokalee’s plan to transform neighborhoods…

When out-of-town businesses consider Immokalee as a potential relocation or expansion site they tell us, “Immokalee needs a better range of housing choices.”

The Immokalee Master Plan sets several “smart growth” goals that will encourage development of diverse, safe, code compliant housing stock and attractive, vibrant neighborhoods.

“Smart growth” looks beyond the short-term to long-range, regional benefits and sustainability. Its goals are to achieve a unique sense of community by expanding transportation, employment, and housing choices; distributing the costs and benefits of development equitably; preserving and enhancing natural and cultural resources; and promoting public health and wellbeing.

This approach to planning concentrates growth in the center of a city to avoid urban sprawl; and advocates compact, transit-oriented, walkable, and bicycle-friendly land use. It includes neighborhood schools, complete streets and mixed-use development with a range of housing choices.

Immokalee: Florida in the 21st Century!

 Our collective vision for Immokalee is that of a young, energetic, town with a diversity of new job opportunities in agri-businesses, international trade and distribution, ecotourism, recreation and entertainment, and, hand-in-hand with business growth, in the construction industry when it rebounds.  

It’s a vision of a attractive, sustainable community with affordable workforce housing, parks, and good schools for the children of the families moving into town; where people walk and bicycle to do their errands, and where parents are returning to school to finish their education and master new job skills.

Main Street has a Latin flavor – colorful plazas, outdoor cafes, shops and entertainment — that attracts both local residents and the many tourists drawn to Immokalee for the Seminole Casino and the unique ecology of Lake Trafford and the Corkscrew Swamp. This is a vision that builds on Immokalee’s strengths.

WinkNewsNow: Immokalee to become industry hub

 A plan six years in the making is taking shape to bring more business to Immokalee  By Renee Stoll   Right now a plan is underway to change Immokalee from top to bottom with a new look, new businesses, and new jobs starting at the Immokalee Airport. "It’s planned to expand technically by 103 acres," […]

Future of Immokalee takes a giant leap forward

The future of Immokalee took a giant leap forward December 16 when the Collier County Planning Commission held an unprecedented public workshop on Immokalee’s Master Plan.

Fred Thomas, chairman of the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency’s advisory board and one of the leading visionaries developing the plan for Immokalee’s future said he was pleased with the county planners’ effort.

“They asked a lot of good questions,” Thomas said. “Immokaleans turned out well to show support. I think it moved the process forward and well.”

The plan is scheduled for approval by the planning commission and the Collier County Board of Commissioners in early 2010.

Once adopted, the plan will change forever the face of Immokalee and make it the future of Florida in the 21st Century. It will be the culmination of nearly seven years of planning. 

Immokalee’s Farmer’s Market to be Rebuilt – FINALLY!

After four years of waiting the Immokalee Farmers Market should be back in business within three or four months. The State of Florida finally persuaded the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to pay for the reconstruction of three buildings and the repair of an additional building damaged by Hurricane Wilma in October 2005. The […]

Immokalee Airport to Become National Guard Home

Naples Daily News, September 15, 2009 Some 26 acres of Immokalee Regional Airport is now home to the Florida National Guard. Collier County commissioners Tuesday agreed to a 25-year sublease that would will allow joint forces to build a military readiness center. It is a deal two years in the making, said Theresa Cook, Collier […]