South Immokalee streets get repaved, smoother surfaces

Some of the most heavily traveled streets in South Immokalee have a new, safer and smoother surface. 

The Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) began last week repaving the road surfaces along Boston, Colorado and Delaware avenues, including refurbishing over two dozen intersections, along with new pavement markings and incidental improvements.

This effort is part of the overarching $3.5 million drainage improvement project within the 40-acre downtown project area.

"Reconditioning these heavily traveled roadways will ensure that the citizens who live and work in this area will have an adequate local transportation network for years to come," said Bradley Muckel, interim director of the Immokalee CRA. "This effort will also assist the public transportation system in providing continued service to the citizens in this densely populated area of Collier County." 

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