Vision for the Future

The Vision: Those of us who live and work in Immokalee envision a great future for our town. We see lots of new business and job opportunities in international trade and distribution, agri-business, ecotourism, recreation and entertainment, and the construction industry. We see Immokalee as an attractive, clean community with affordable workforce housing, neighborhood parks, and outstanding schools — a place where people walk and bicycle to do their errands, and where parents are returning to classrooms to finish their education and master new job skills. Main Street will have a Latin flavor – plazas, outdoor cafes, shops, and entertainment, attracting both the local community and the tourists who come to explore our unique ecology or gamble at the Casino.

Our vision isn’t just a dream. It builds on Immokalee’s strengths and today our businesses, nonprofits, citizens, and government are working to make it reality.
These are the projects that are already underway:

Master Plan Revision

Last fall the Immokalee CRA submitted the draft Master Plan to the Collier County Planning Commission for approval. The Plan describes our vision in more detail and sets the stage for action, changing land use and building codes, applying for funding, setting design standards, improving housing, and attracting new business.
You can read more about the plan, track the approval process, and download a PDF of the entire draft here. 

Land Development Code Revision

Land Development Codes function like traffic laws. We can drive the streets safely and easily because the traffic laws make driver behavior predictable. We know whether to stop or yield, where we can park, when we can turn right on red. Our current Land Development Codes, though, cause accidents and traffic jams when developers want approval for a project. They often find “you can’t get there from here.”


To get land development traffic moving toward our goals we have to remove some barriers. You can read about how we are doing that here.

Housing Improvements

A healthy community has safe, code-compliant housing for all its citizens. In Immokalee, we have three challenges: housing for seasonal and migrant farmworker families, upgrading sub-standard housing in targeted redevelopment neighborhoods, and developing additional workforce and senior housing. Esperanza Place, a development of affordable farmworker housing, is now underway.

Learn more about Esperanza Place here.


Education and Training

One of the criteria a business uses when searching for a new site is the availability of skilled workers. The CRA Advisory Board has long been committed to bringing Immokalee’s young workforce the educational opportunities to upgrade their skills.


Read about Immokalee’s progress in meeting education and training needs here.


Protecting of Our Environment: Fostering Green Development

As a rapidly growing community, we have a responsibility to ensure that our growth is sensitive to and protective of our environment. In 2008, the ICRA sponsored our first Florida Green Home Designation Certification Course.

To learn more about the course and other activities fostering Green Development, click here.


Stormwater and Drainage

In September 2008, tropical storm Faye left Immokalee with some deplorable flooding conditions. Correcting those conditions will require funding and interagency cooperation. As a first step, the ICRA has proposed an Immokalee CRA/MSTU partnership that would combine both organizations’ efforts, funding sources, and grant opportunities to address infrastructure deficiencies including storm water drainage, street repair and maintenance, beautification, and sidewalks.


Learn more about projects to deal with storm water and drainage here.


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