Immokalee Lighting and Beautification

The five-member committee was created on October 22, 1985, amended on October 22, 2002 to assist the Board of County Commissioners in the business affairs of the Immokalee Beautification Taxing District, and prepare and recommend an itemized budget to carry out the business of the district for each fiscal year and recently October 2011 to designate the CRA as administer and manager of the Immokalee MSTU.

Membership represents the population of the area within the Immokalee Beautification District. Four members shall be permanent residents within the MSTU and one member may be an owner of residential or commercial property within the MSTU or may be an individual, an officer of a corporation, or a partner of a partnership. Terms are 4 years.

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What is an MSTU?

A Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) is a funding mechanism for community members to create, through approval of the Board of County Commissioners, a special taxing district to make improvements to their neighborhood and/or community area. Providing additional services based on community desires.

Our daily, routine services of the Immokalee Beautification MSTU consist of managing the maintenance of all area public areas along Main Street (SR 29) and 1st Street (CR 846) within the limits of the Immokalee Urban Area. Our responsibility includes the selection, coordination and management of Collier County approved contractors assigned to various maintenance and repair services such as lawn mowing, sidewalk and gutter cleaning, landscape maintenance, irrigation system management, and street lighting (Immokalee’s blue street lights). In addition, the MSTU is here to serve you, the public, providing assistance and coordination for communication with various governmental agencies.

How is funding created?

Through a mileage rate set by the MSTU’s enabling Ordinance.  All capital projects, as well as the maintenance and other operating projects, are managed by Project Manager James Sainvilus of the Collier County Community Redevelopment Agency – Immokalee.

MSTU Advisory Committee:

Norma Garcia

Cherryle Thomas

Bill Deyo


 Photo to be posted soon.     

Andrea Halman, Vice-Chair

Bernardo Barnhart, Chair


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