Master Plan Revision

Updates 2012




Clicking the highlighted link will take you to a series of Questions & Answers on the IAMP; questions submitted by a small organization, the Immokalee Civic Association, at the direction of Immokalean Pam Brown.


Future Land Use Maps

Exisiting Future Land Use Map - Immokalee             Proposted Future Land Use Map Immokalee
Download as PDF: Map 5.1                                                        Download as PDF: Map 5.2

Updates 2011

Download a PDF of the draft Immokalee Area Master Plan here, posted 2/8/2011.

Download a PDF of the Master Plan Back-up Data and Analysis here.

Click here to see how the new, currently proposed IAMP differs from the original master plan adopted in 1991.
NOTE: the document has been further amended, slightly, from the version that appears here. The final current version is also accessible on this page.
Last fall the Immokalee CRA submitted the draft Master Plan to the Collier County Planning Commission for approval. The Plan describes our vision in more detail and sets the stage for action:
  • Changing land use and building codes                    
  • Applying for funding
  • Setting design standards
  • Improving housing
  • Attracting new business


Steps for Master Plan Approval
(from Collier County to Agents for 2007/2008 Combined Cycle of GMP Amendment Petitions)
  • Sufficiency Reviewsinitial review by assigned staff planner, and preparation of draft sufficiency letter.
  • Transmittal Hearings – series of scheduled hearings prior to transmission to state agency.
  • Transmission to Florida Department of Community Affairs for review – if the DCA identifies issues, they will cite those deficiencies, we will fix them and re-transmit.
  • Submit new Land Development Codes to Collier County – same process as #3 above.


Immokalee Area Master Plan Growth Management Plan Amendment Cycle Schedule



EAC Transmittal Hearing December 15, 2009
CCPC Transmittal Hearing #1 January 29, 2010
CCPC Transmittal Hearing #2 February 16, 2010
CCPC Consent April 1, 2010
BCC Transmittal Hearing #1 May 4, 2010
BCC Transmittal Hearing #2 May 18, 2010
DCA ORC Report July 30, 2010
EAC Adoption Hearing September 22, 2010
CCPC Adoption Hearing #1 October 28, 2010
CCPC Adoption Hearing #2 October 29, 2010
CCPC Consent December 2, 2010
BCC Adoption Hearing #1 January 27, 2011
BCC Adoption Hearing #2 January 28, 2011


BCC = Board of County Commissioners
CCPC = Collier County Planning Commission
DCA = Fla. Department of Community Affairs
EAC = Environmental Advisory Council
*Note: Standard hearing start times are as follows: EAC and BCC at 9:00 a.m.; CCPC at 8:30 a.m.


Download a PDF of the draft Immokalee Area Master Plan here, posted 2/8/2011.

Download a PDF of the Master Plan Back-up Data and Analysis here.



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