Immokalee property tax values, revenue increases

For the first time in seven years the property tax values in Immokalee – and, therefore, revenues increased in 2014, according to Collier County tax collections. 

The figures were reported earlier this week by Bradley Muckel, executive director of the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), to the Collier County Commission sitting as the formal governing body of the Immokalee CRA. 

The increase was a small one – jumping from $223,000 in 2013 to just $266,000 in 2014 – but significant given how hard hit Immokalee was by the Great Recession. 

"Any sign of growth is a good thing," Muckel told the lawmakers. 

However, he cautioned, those figures are only one-third of what they were prior to the recession when Immokalee tax revenues hovered around $800,000 annually. 

Muckel gave his report to the county commissioners during the lawmakers' annual workshop with both of Collier's CRAs, Immokalee and its cousin in East Naples, the Bayshore-Gateway Triangle CRA. 

The Naples Daily News reported on the workshop and, if you're a paid subscriber, you can read the Daily News account here

Muckel told lawmakers he is optimistic about the community's future because development, entrepreneurism and construction are on the increase. 

“We have a Walmart coming and a Taco Bell under construction,” he told the Daily News. “A First Bank is in permitting, three Family Dollar Stores are coming and a frozen yogurt shop and Subway just finished construction on Main Street. Our goal is to get back to where we were in ‘07 and keep growing. We want to get to a point where blight is down enough that we won’t qualify for all of these grants anymore that fund our big ticket items.”



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