Immokalee CRA will be featured Sept. 9 on CALL FM

The Immokalee CRA will be featured Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. on CALL FM

CRA Operations Manager Bradley Muckel and Immokalee Municipal Services Taxing District (MSTD) Project Manager James Sainvilius will answer questions on the radio program, "Out of Immokalee," hosted by long-time Immokalee civic leader Cherryle Thomas, who is also chair of the MSTD citizens advisory committee. 

CALL FM, a Christian-based string of radio stations around South Florida, broadcasts from Immokalee on the 90.5 FM frequency. It's also well-known as home to live broadcasts of the Immokalee High School Indians football games. 

Muckel and Sainvilius will answer questions about the history of the Immokalee CRA and the Immokalee MSTD, which is charged with the beautification of Immokalee streets and roadways and some street lighting. 

They will highlight CRA projects over the past few years, including recent projects to reduce flooding in key areas and improve street safety. They will also discuss upcoming CRA and MSTD projects including the new Commercial Building Improvement Grant Program

The Immokalee CRA was established in March 2000 as part of a county-wide effort to alleviate slum and blight in two separate districts within Collier County: The Bayshore Gateway Triangle Redevelopment area and the Immokalee Redevelopment Area.
The CRA is a public entity created by Collier County to implement the community redevelopment activities outlined under Chapter 163, Florida Statutes. The CRA adopted the Immokalee Master Plan, which includes the all of the Immokalee Urban Designated Area. 

Property values in the Community Redevelopment Area are capped or frozen at the assessed value for a particular base year. Thereafter, any tax revenues due to increases in value in excess of the base are dedicated to the redevelopment area. The generated revenue is known as TIF or tax increment funding. 

Immokalee CRA is a proud member of the Florida Green Building CoalitionTax increment financing is used in the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Area to leverage its redevelopment efforts.

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