Hayden Coin Laundry

Hayden Coin Laundry
415 New Market Road, Immokalee

Cost of Improvements: $10,256
Grant Award: $6,838
Date of Application Approval: June 9, 2009
Existing Conditions:
This convenience store/gas station has its original storefront which is deteriorating and also has faded red metal shingles on the mansard roof. The parking lot is old, oil stained and rough. In addition, the concrete sidewalks need cleaning to remove old gum spots and other stains, and could use concrete staining to improve the appearance of the concrete.
Proposed Improvements:
The old mansard roof coverings will be removed and replaced with a new Perma Tile “S” Type metal roofing system, blue in color. The old storefront will be removed and replaced with a new storefront including new entry doors. New exterior soffit lighting will be installed under the mansard roofing structure. The sidewalks will be cleaned and painted with concrete stain. The parking lot will receive a new 1.5” layer of asphalt and new striping will be applied to that new asphalt layer.


Below is a pre-construction photo:
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